A Lifeline For Abused, Molested, and Bullied Children  
Recent events at Penn State and the Boy Scouts of America indicate
that we must do more to protect our
children from abuse. Many stellar
organizations exist to empower adults through awareness and
educational programs to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to
childhood abuse, molestation, and bullying. We want to empower the
CHILDREN. We will, of course, teach the children to talk to their
parents or teachers FIRST, but if they are ashamed, ignored, not
believed, or intimidated by adults; we want them to call us. We will
always be there!

Our goal is to provide every child in America, who can dial a telephone
number, the education and skills to initiate a call where our trained
counselors and volunteers will respond. We will provide to all school
age children a small card bearing our telephone hot line number.

Americans are still living in a fantasy world as it relates to our
children and pedophiles. Many child molesters are educated,
well-heeled, affluent, and married. They live among us, lead our
communities, and ingratiate themselves into our lives. They operate
for years in anonymity  and leave a trail of human destruction.

Informants' careers, credibility, and finances are systematically
destroyed as the pedophiles have a network of rich and powerful
supporters, often from the local court house to the federal halls of
justice; and many adults remain reluctant to become "involved" for
fear of retaliation. My two children, both attorneys, have paid dearly
with their careers for my advocacy
. We encourage our audience to
view with trepidation those
who speak negatively of the hot line or the
volunteers. Keep your children away from them.

Child sexual abuse is reported over 100,000 times a year, but the
number of unreported instances is far greater. There are 3.3 million
accounts of child physical abuse reported yearly, and the Department
of Justice reports that 1 in 4 children suffer bullying each year. The
long-term emotional and psychological damage of sexual abuse,
physical abuse, and bullying can be destructive to a child.

Because of my mixed heritage, I know the pain of bullying first-hand.
Imagine attending all-black schools during the days of segregation
with white skin, brown eyes and auburn hair. I was teased and
tormented unmercifully throughout those years with names like
"whitey,"whitey ford," "white girl," and "half-breed." I sat alone on
the school bus, ate alone in the lunch room, and cried myself to sleep
every night.

Our staff of attorneys, counselors, and trained volunteers will travel
the country  educating the children to use the hot line to report abuse
and bullying. Children will be taught to call us without fear, shame,
intimidation, or stigmatization.

The hot line will be available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and 365
days a year. Every call will be reported to the proper authorities with
follow-up by our staff. We are blessed that we are operating with the
help of a wonderful corporate sponsor and some dedicated volunteers
who answer our telephones 24 hours a day. We need your help to
spread the word to the children! If you want to help, please provide the
hot line number to all young people with whom you are in contact. We
do not solicit donations, however, we beg for your prayers for the
success of this project. If toll free does not answer, call:9196758437.

Please send us your name and email address so that we may email you a
secure link to volunteer .Email:

          We are always here!
 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
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